Sand Cement Finish

What is Sand Cement Finish?

It is basically a mixture of Sand and Portland Cement with water, often used as an undercoat. The percentage of each varies, based on requirement, and is mixed on-site. Ready-made Sand Cement Finish packages are also available these days for convenience.

End Uses

For both internal and external surfaces.


1. Gives a smooth finish
2. Plasticizer is added for smoother application and to prevent insect infestation
3. Adds a decorative element

Weber Render

What is Weber Render?

Weber Render is a range of Renders and Decorative finishes from Weber,
that offer a fast application and a durable surface that is weather-resistant.

End Uses

For both internal and external surfaces. Weber Render includes top coat and base coat renders, and decorative finishes.


1. Offers good insulation
2. Can be used for various types of brick or blockwork
3. Comes in a variety of texBenefitstured finishes and colours
4. High performance, low maintenance finishes

K Render

What is K Render?

K Render is a cement-based render system, incorporating silicon water repellents.It allows water vapour to pass through the render, for the substrate to breathe,while simultaneously making the render surface water-repellent.

End Uses

K Render is available as Silicon Thin Coat and Silicon Scraped Texture renders, for external wall insulation, or for one coat applications directly
on blockwork.


1. Optimum adhesion
2. Ready mixed
3. Low maintenance4. Water repellent
5. Easy application
6. Natural finish
7. Comprehensive range of colours
8. Allows substrate to breathe

Multi Finish

What is Multi Finish plaster?

Multi Finish is a Gypsum finish plaster that can be used for multiple backgrounds,from low-suction to medium-high suction of gypsum or cement-based undercoat plasters.

End Uses

Multi Finish Plaster provides a high-quality surface for internal walls and ceilings, and a durable base for decorative finishes.


1. Pre-mixed
2. Fire resistant
3. Flexible – suitable for even small repair jobs
4. Can be used for a variety of backgrounds
5. Provides a smooth, high-quality surface
6. Aids sound insulation
7. Can be applied by hand or plastering machine