Hardwall Plastering

What is Hardwall Plastering?

Hardwall Plastering is basically an undercoat plaster that is quick-drying,
and is suitable for most types of masonry backgrounds, including bricks,
aircrete and medium-density blocks. It can be applied by hand or sprayed on,
ideally in a 2-coat plaster system.

End Uses

For both commercial and residential use, Hardwall Plastering is a
finishing coat applied over cement render or concrete, to prepare
for painting.


1. Quick drying surface
2. Resistant to high impact
3. Can be applied both by hand or by mechanical plastering machine

Bonding Plastering

What is Bonding Plastering?

Bonding Plastering is a pre-mixed, Gypsum undercoat plaster, ideally used
for low to medium suction, and smooth, backgrounds. Primarily for interior use.

End Uses

For new or to-be-patched walls. Bonding Plastering can be used with dense blocks, medium density blocks, plasterboard, painted or tiled
surfaces, engineering bricks with raked joints, cast in situ and precast
concrete, and metal lathing.


1. Easy application
2. Spreads smoothly
3. Good finish
4. Helps control suction