External Wall Insulation

What is External Wall Insulation?

This is a high-performance insulation system which is applied to a
masonry substrate, offering a variety of insulation and render finishes.

End Uses

External Wall Insulation is suitable for most types of buildings,
including commercial and industrial structures; new build homes;
hospitals; educational institutions; airports; and hotels, etc.


1. Improves thermal performance
2. Enhances interior comfort
3. Offers a variety of colours and textured finishes
4. Enables remodelling and decoration of existing facades
5. Simplifies wall construction

Fire Proofing

What type of fire proofing?

For fire proofing, we use different materials with fire resistance ratings,
and techniques, to help insulate walls and ceilings against fire.

End Uses

Fire proofing techniques depend on the type of construction and the
client’s requirements.


1. Insulation of walls and ceilings against fire.

Sound Proofing

What type of sound proofing?

Our sound proofing techniques involve the use of different materials
and techniques to help insulate walls and ceilings against sound
filtering in or going out.

End Uses

Sound proofing is carried out in areas that require sound insulation,
hence good for schools, hospitals, offices, theatres, etc.


1. Reduces noise transmission
2. Ensures sound insulation

Metal False Ceilings

What are metal false ceilings?

These are false ceilings made of metal. There are different types of
metal false ceilings, including tiles, which are available in a
variety of sizes and shapes.

End Uses

Metal false ceilings are suitable for many types of buildings,
especially to cover large areas. These are used most often in stores,
hospitals, offices, etc.


1. Hygienic
2. Low maintenance
3. Hard wearing
4. Long lasting